March 2018

The Promises of God

“The Promises of God” from Guest Speakers by Chris Nothstine.

February 2018

Light in a Dark World

“Light in a Dark World” from Guest Speaker by Rick Randleman.Ephesians 5:3-8

December 2017

The Demand of Christ’s Coming

“The Demand of Christ’s Coming” by Blake Barnhart

November 2017

You’ve Got to Have a Heart for God

“You’ve Got to Have a Heart for God” by Gary Hughes.

August 2017

All About Love

A message on God’s kind of love by Bart Hinz of ShowME Christian Youth Home.

What Must I do to be saved?

“What Must I do to be saved?” by Rich Atkins.

June 2017

“Jesus – Creator and Savior” by Matt Miles of Creation Truth Foundation

Guest Speaker: Matt Miles from the Creation Truth Foundation