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Our Audio recordings were interrupted because of the Corona-virus from March 16 – June 14 of 2020.  You will find the missing messages on our live stream link.

October 2020

Wisdom Starts with God

SERIES: Living Life Skillfully (Wisdom in Proverbs)
Message: Wisdom Starts with God
Pastor Kent Klundt

Sola Dei Gloria

Sola Dei Gloria (To God Alone Be Glory)
Pastor Kent Klundt

September 2020

Solus Christus – Christ Alone

SOLA Series
Sous Christus (Christ Alone)
John 5:39. Romans 1:16, 3:21-26
Aim:  If man doesn’t worship the true God, he will direct his
worship to something or someone else.

Why Do Prison Ministry?

Message by Richard Blake 
Executive Director of Cristian Prison Ministry of Mid-America


Series: SOLA (Alone)
Message:  FOLA Fide
Pastor Kent Klundt

SOLA Gratia

SOLA (Alone)
Sola Gratia
by Pastor Kent Klundt
9 6 2020

August 2020

SOLA – Scritura

Pastor Kent Klundt
From the Series:  SOLA (Alone)

Am I a True Disciple of Jesus?

Matthew 14:25-33; Mark 1:16-20
Aim:  To gain a deeper understanding of what it means to truly follow Jesus

Why Does the Church Need Me?

Series: Back to Church
Message:  Why Does the Church Need Me?
Pastor Kent Klundt

July 2020

Keep Going in the Midst of Mayhem

Keep Going in the Midst of Mayhem
July 26, 2020
Acts 20:24

Back to Church: Prayer

Back to Church: 
Why do I need the Church? 
It connects me to the Father (Prayer)

Back to Church: Connecting with Christ