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Our Audio recordings were interrupted because of the Corona-virus from March 16 – June 14 of 2020.  You will find the missing messages on our live stream link.

April 2019

Bibical Worldview in Genesis

“Bibical Worldview in Genesis” by Matt Miles.

March 2019

The Gospel Only

Love Your Enemies

“Love Your Enemies” from Guest Speaker by Ben Suchman. Genre: Matthew 5:43-44.

The Freedom of the Gospel

The Foolishness of the Gospel

“The Foolishness of the Gospel” from Gospel Reset by Kent Klundt.

The Foolishness of the Gospel

February 2019

The Heirs of Promise

“The Heirs of Promise” by Rich Atkins.


A Blind Date with Jesus

January 2019

Vision: The Purpose and Passion of the Church


The Inextinguishable Light

“The Inextinguishable Light” by Kent Klundt.

December 2018

The Miracles After Christmas

“The Miracles After Christmas” by Rich Atkins. R