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One Person At A Time.

Our Audio recordings were interrupted because of the Corona-virus from March 16 – June 14 of 2020.  You will find the missing messages on our live stream link.

September 2019

Walk Humbly with You God

“Walk Humbly with You God” from Micah 6:8 by Kent Klundt.

Basic Principles for an Enduring Marrriage

August 2019

Love Mercy

“Love Mercy” from What does the Lord require of me? by Kent Klundt.

Do Justly

“Do Justly” from What Does the Lord Require of Me? by Kent Klundt.

ROAR! Life is Wild … God is Good

July 2019

The Fruit of the Spirit

“The Fruit of the Spirit” by Kent Klundt.

God Has a Difficult and Wonderful Plan for Believers

“God Has a Difficult and Wonderful Plan for Believers” by Rick Keck.

June 2019

The Controversy of the Holy Spirit

New Birth in the Spirit

“New Birth in the Spirit” from Forgotten God by Kent Klundt


Forgotten God

Four Roadblocks to Spiritual Growth

“Four Roadblocks to Spiritual Growth” by Kent Klundt.