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Our Audio recordings were interrupted because of the Corona-virus from March 16 – June 14 of 2020.  You will find the missing messages on our live stream link.

March 2020

Jesus is Better than Angels

Jesus is Better than Angels
By Pastor Kent Klundt

February 2020

SOAR: Soaring in our Altitude

SOAR: Soaring in our Altitude
by Kent Klundt

Soaring in Our Aptitude

SOAR: Soaring in Our Aptitude
By Kent Klundt; February 16, 2020

SOAR: Soaring in our Attitude

Soaring in our Attitude from SOAR series by Kent Klundt
February 9, 2020

Soaring in our Solitude

January 2020

The Road to Redemption

The Road to Redemption by Rich Atkins

Soar: Soaring In Our Service

Can a Christian Lose their Salvation?

Just Imagine

Just imagine what Gad can do at RCC through you!
By Kent Klundt

December 2019

Goodwill Toward Men

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth from the Series Why Christmas? by Kent Klundt

Glory to God in the Highest

Why Christmas? Series by Kent Klundt 
December 8, 2019