Prayer Request

Anonymous, July 9, 2022 - 6:27 pm

My Marriage and reconciliation. That God will reveal himself to my husband and change his heart and bring him Back to him and the marriage he designed.
My husband and I have been apart for 7 wks. He has been having an affair that he denies but I saw the proof the day he left I found him At her house . At that time, He cut off all communication for weeks then has been limited since only communicating at his convenience. He talks about the future one minute then not sure if he loves me the next. He voices now uncertainty about God or His plan or marriage. He doesn’t know his relationship with God as he has said. He now says we are different mindsets. Because I follow God daily and am not living this way. He is living a double life with the girl, social media, “new friends” drinking and hanging out the worlds ways, seeking validation in people like he did years ago, new phone number, new email, not paying any of our bills like our family doesn't exist. We have a 12 yr old whom he sees conveniently and answers his calls when he gets around to it. I don’t know who this person is right now he is completely different than he has been but God knows.
Please pray for God to convict him and get his attention to show him with clarity his path and guide his decisions away from the worldly temptation and back to God and to this family. Our life is getting worse and worse with time apart and the worlds influence and our financial situation since he won’t help with bills. We started counseling but he isn’t sure, he says his goal is to find out if he should come home. I am not sure if he is going just to say he is going with no intention of turning from the sinful Ways and back to God and us.